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Blending realities with the ARCore Depth API

Get Ready for the ARCore Depth API

MeteoVis: Visualizing Meteorological Events in Virtual Reality

Eye-Dominance-Guided Foveated Rendering

3D-Kernel Foveated Rendering for Light Fields

ORC Layout: Adaptive GUI Layout With OR-Constraints

Project Geollery.com: Reconstructing a Live Mirrored World With Geotagged Social Media

Montage4D: Real-Time Seamless Fusion and Stylization of Multiview Video Textures

Language-Based Colorization of Scene Sketches

Social Street View: Blending Immersive Street Views With Geo-Tagged Social Media

VRSurus: Enhancing Interactivity and Tangibility of Puppets in Virtual Reality

AtmoSPHERE: Representing Space and Movement Using Sand Traces in an Interactive Zen Garden

The Design and Preliminary Evaluation of a Finger-Mounted Camera and Feedback System to Enable Reading of Printed Text for the Blind

Online Vigilance Analysis Combining Video and Electrooculography Features

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