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ChatDirector: Enhancing Video Conferencing With Space-Aware Scene Rendering and Speech-Driven Layout Transition

Rapsai: Accelerating Machine Learning Prototyping of Multimedia Applications Through Visual Programming

ThingShare: Ad-Hoc Digital Copies of Physical Objects for Sharing Things in Video Meetings

RetroSphere: Self-Contained Passive 3D Controller Tracking for Augmented Reality

Visual Blocks: Ridiculously rapid ML/AI prototyping and deployment to production

How to create effects with models and shaders using visualblocks

How to compare models from web using visualblocks

How to use models and build pipelines in Colab with visualblock

Visual Captions: Augmenting Verbal Communication With On-the-fly Visuals

Opportunistic Interfaces for Augmented Reality: Transforming Everyday Objects Into Tangible 6DoF Interfaces Using Ad Hoc UI

ProtoSound: A Personalized and Scalable Sound Recognition System for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Users

A Log-Rectilinear Transformation for Foveated 360-degree Video Streaming

HumanGPS: Geodesic PreServing Feature for Dense Human Correspondence

DepthLab: Real-time 3D Interaction With Depth Maps for Mobile Augmented Reality

CollaboVR: A Reconfigurable Framework for Multi-user to Communicate in Virtual Reality

Blending realities with the ARCore Depth API

Get Ready for the ARCore Depth API

MeteoVis: Visualizing Meteorological Events in Virtual Reality

Eye-Dominance-guided Foveated Rendering

3D-Kernel Foveated Rendering for Light Fields

ORC Layout: Adaptive GUI Layout With OR-Constraints

Language-based Colorization of Scene Sketches

LUCSS: Language-based User-customized Colourization of Scene Sketches

Project Geollery.com: Reconstructing a Live Mirrored World With Geotagged Social Media

Montage4D: Real-time Seamless Fusion and Stylization of Multiview Video Textures

Social Street View: Blending Immersive Street Views With Geo-Tagged Social Media

VRSurus: Enhancing Interactivity and Tangibility of Puppets in Virtual Reality

VRSurus Gaming Experiences

AtmoSPHERE: Representing Space and Movement Using Sand Traces in an Interactive Zen Garden

The Design and Preliminary Evaluation of a Finger-Mounted Camera and Feedback System to Enable Reading of Printed Text for the Blind

Online Vigilance Analysis Combining Video and Electrooculography Features

Cubot: An In-hand or Wearable Input Device Attached onto Everyday Object

Enchanting Ema: A Magical Interpretation of Shinto-Japanese Beliefs

[UIST 2020 5-min Talk] DepthLab

AR Realism with the ARCore Depth API

Blending realities with the ARCore Depth API - Deep Dive

3DVAR: From 3D Reconstruction to Virtual and Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Demo for Project 3DVAR

Holographics Demo for Project 3DVAR

Future Vision for 3D Reconstruction

Deliberately Planning and Acting for Angry Birds with Refinement Methods

JanCorpus: A Search Engine for Corpus With Millions of Japanese Essays

57aMP: Create Physical Stamps using the Thermal Power of Touch

HoloFire (57fire): Creating Live Fire Illusion in Holographic Display Using Thermal Power of Touch

Saliency Computation for Virtual Cinematography in 360° Videos

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