Cubot: An In-Hand or Wearable Input Device Attached Onto Everyday Object

We propose Cubot, a novel input device that enables people to use it as an in-hand or wearable device. We endow a cube with soul and make it into a general input device for a computer. People can use Cubot as a game controller, a remote, a body tracker and anything else in their mind. In this mini project, we illustrates our idea by playing FlappyBird via body jumping and hand lifting with Cubot, operating "helicopter" to view a 3D scene, observing a 3D object by rotating heads, play games and present slides via moving chairs. Cubot is not an extension or improved version of any existing input devices. It is brand new, and we created it!



Cubot: An In-hand or Wearable Input Device Attached onto Everyday Object


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