3DVAR: From 3D Reconstruction to Virtual and Augmented Reality

The 3DVAR project explores the use case of online 3D reconstruction with demos in the settings of virtual reality, holographical augmented reality, and mobile augmented reality. Firstly, we present how portable 3D reconstruction with iterative segmentation enables ordinary users to create and consume 3D models. Secondly, we demonstrate that users could interact with reconstructed models in the virtual world using proxies and produce awesome artworks with favorite reconstructed models. Moreover, we introduce "Holography" with reconstruction for both advertisement and comparison between virtual and real models. Eventually, we propose that reconstructed models could decorate your room, enrich magazines and innovate story-telling in augmented reality scenarios on the head-mounted or mobile hand-held devices. In summary, our project presents a promising trend from 3D reconstruction to virtual and augmented reality.



3DVAR: From 3D Reconstruction to Virtual and Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Demo for Project 3DVAR

Holographics Demo for Project 3DVAR

Future Vision for 3D Reconstruction


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