3DEye: Eye-controlled 3D Wander System in 2010

Tobii eye tracker based on eye movement control system / three-dimensional roaming system demonstration. We firmly believe that interactive eye-tracking will revolute the current era of human-computer interaction. We can never imagine how life the life of disabled people will be in this information age.We can never imagine, without the mouse and keyboard, how we can communicate with the machine alone with mind. While in the past, eye trackers are usually used for psychology experiments and information collection. Now, with our new interactive eye-tracking algorithm, we can use the eye tracker to read novels, browse pictures, and even operating Windows, Linux or Mac. More amazingly, we use eye interaction to navigate in a 3D world.In the Tobii T60 eye tracker, although we only get the erroneous eye information, but we miraculously recognized actions such as eyes closure, staring, shaking head, swing and leaning.With our research, it can automatically flip for you when reading the novel; With our research, users can navigate a 3D scene by starring at a direction to turn left or right & bending to move forward. With our research, three-dimensional model can be rotated in all directions to conduct interactive experience using just eyes.With our research, users can roam in the virtual world by looking around with eyes naturally! If the eye tracker is an epic milestone of human-computer interaction, our active eye-based interaction will write a brilliant chapter in this milestone!




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