This is an old project, and I recently re-implemented the core algorithm from this project, and wrote an open-sourced version of the core part:
These are snapshots from this project:

In the age of digital everything, it is rare to come across a special effect that really stops you in your tracks, Now Let's enjoy a magic stuff that creates your creativity, and attracts all your friends' attention. Let's welcome "Pencil vs Camera"!
“Pencil Vs Camera" is mixture of drawing and photography. It helps you create a black and white pencil drawing and perfectly overlaps it with a photograph to create a dreamlike scenario at anywhere you like. By combining the realism of photography and fantasy of drawing, you could illuminate the hallucinatory nature of everyday life.
It's fun to play with, and it serves a purely entertaining purpose, you could definitely get lots of very creative images at any time.
Now you could reimagine your camera and you pictures With Pencil-vs-Camera, Start to use it, make art for yourself, begin to dream and forget your daily troubles.
PS: This art style is inspired by photographer Ben Heine's previous art pieces. Designed by Jiawei Gu, code by Ruofei Du (
It's not working on Surface due to the limited computational resources. You'd better run it on a laptop or desktop PC.


Whether his subjects be real or imagined, the effect is like looking through a surreal filter – a real-life, fun house mirror-style Photoshop-worthy device in the innocent form of a ragged sheet of white drawing paper.


Published in Windows Store


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